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The #1 Challenge for Teachers and School Administrators is Teaching Students Affected By Poverty...

"I'll help you transform your low-performing school into to a high-achieving school... even if over 90% of your students live in poverty"

Get the Practical, Achievement- Boosting, and 100% Research-Based Strategies... That Raise ADA, Test Scores & AYP... From The Man Who Wrote the Book on Brain-Based Learning.

Eric Jensen

If your students come from poverty, you have unique learning, social and behavior challenges.

We know the human brain is just as vulnerable to negative factors as it is receptive to positive factors.

Your school can become a “Blue Ribbon” success story... and I'd like to show you how.

My name is Eric Jensen.

I would like to share how you can get in-depth training for yourself or your staff. I worked with a school that has 760 kids, with 100% free and reduced lunch. None of the kids had parents with ANY college education. All the kids were poor, with 93% students of color.

But the school is listed every year in U.S. News and World Report’s Annual “Best Schools in America” Top 100 places for learning.

Each June, over 95% of this school’s students graduate and over 90% go on to attend 4-year universities like UCLA, Dartmouth, Yale, Columbia and Stanford. And the school does this year after year after year after year!

Have I got your attention? Are you interested in knowing how this school (and hundreds of others) makes miracles happen every year?


“Startling Secrets of High-Achieving Schools with High-Poverty Students”

How are kids from poverty different
and what do the differences suggest
we can do about it?

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A Special Invitation To Perhaps The Most Important Educator Workshop Of 2015.


There is an element that the education community is powerless to control -- Poverty. In the past two years, the rate of poverty has grown at an alarming rate and now even traditional middle-class schools are feeling the pressure that comes with the stress of poverty.

It’s easy to look at the statistics and just give up. I'm here to give you some good news.

I have done my homework. Many schools are succeeding. I have found them. I have worked at several of them to discover what are they doing that is working. I have done my homework and I have isolated the factors that matter most. Although it was exciting to find these factors, what was more exciting was to visit the schools that were succeeding with kids from poverty. I can name the names and share the schools that would knock your socks off.

The special report above is a first step. I want you to get something tangible that will prove that I’m dead serious about improving achievement.

Please let me also introduce myself. I am Eric Jensen is a former middle school teacher, university faculty and author of Teaching with the Brain in Mind, Enriching the Brain and Teaching with Poverty in Mind, and 24 other books on the brain and learning. But my real passion has been helping students from poverty. In fact, it’s the subject of my doctoral dissertation.

What my research uncovered are highly effective factors that turn out to be of critical value when applied a specific way. I have verified these strategies by working with some of America’s greatest Title 1 and Title II schools.

Now, I’m making this research and the practical strategies that go with it, available to you. I have seen my share of miracles, and I’m sold on the capacity for change.

Now it’s your turn.

Now You Can Get Success with Kids From Poverty. Read Carefully to Find Out How You Can Now Get Access to a Highly Engaging, World-Class Staff Developer Who Blends Cutting- Edge Research, with School-Tested Strategies that Every Staff Can Use Immediately!


povert teaching workshop

The fact is, it can be done, and it is being done every single day. I actually have a list of schools that are doing this TODAY. If your school’s not on it, isn't it time you were?

Could you use some help? If so, read on.

There are three ways you can get help.

    1. Start with a book to get some background. Read, “Teaching with the Brain in Mind.” It’ll start you up with the background you need.

    2. Attend the powerful workshop that’s rocking the educational world. Key people may need to attend my highly engaging, classroom-practical, research-based, 3-day “Teaching with Poverty in Mind” event.

    3. Bring me to your school. I may be the right person for your upcoming professional development event, to bring your school closer to success with kids from poverty.

I’ve read the 722 published studies on high-poverty and high- achievement schools; there are lots of good ideas out there. Most likely, as a school leader, you too, already know the concepts. I have discovered what REALLY matters and what doesn’t. And now, I’ve put these special factors into an easily digested, highly engaging, classroom-practical, research-based, 3-day event.

“Teaching with Poverty in Mind”

An amazing, highly practical, research-based 3-day event

Discover The Brain-Based Learning
Secrets That Bring Out The
UNTAPPED Achievement Capacity
in Your High-Poverty Students

Teaching With Poverty In Mind Teacher Workshop

Give your staff the whole school year to take advantage of this startling research. Give them the time to implement the practical strategies. Get trained by the original, brain-based trainer who is making a difference in the lives of thousands.

Poverty Cover  

You can now get the research and powerful strategies together in an amazing, exciting, highly engaging, classroom- practical, research-based, 3-day “Teaching with Poverty in Mind” event. The amazing success-builder workshop is a one-of-a-kind opportunity.

Get the book from Amazon

I have experienced brain-based success like few others. You can get effective staff development, in fact, nearly instant staff development with tools for engagement every staff can use. I am about fierce teaching; the type that brings a driven, mission-focused, passionate teacher to school every day. No, teachers aren’t born that way; they are developed.

Here’s an example:

“Your workshop changed my life. I have had so many success stories; I wouldn't know where to begin. I have truly rekindled my passion for teaching using your tools of engagement strategies. As a matter of fact, today I was voted Teacher of the Year for Sawtooth Middle School. Yesssssssssssssss!!!!! I look forward everyday to engaging my students in the learning process. I honor you and your dedication to providing teachers with the best and latest brain researched strategies to engage all learners of any age or skill level. Forever in gratitude,”
Donna Battazzo, 6th grade middle school teacher

Now, start imagining the new possibilities: your school is succeeding and you feel the joy that comes with being recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School.You are about to hear your kids talk about how much they love school. Would that make your day?

Yes, you can learn how to boost attendance, exceed AYP, and turn your school into an amazing, high-performance, blue ribbon success story!

This remarkable and practical program reveals the startling links between the latest brain/mind research and the proven strategies to reach today’s children from poverty.

“It’s a message of hope for all students! Teachers can make a difference.” -J.T. Arivaca, AZ

Join us for an engaging, fast-moving, results-oriented program that’s the only one of its kind. You can learn to change your teaching and school environment in ways that successfully reach students of poverty.

This powerful program gives you:

  • Secrets to understanding the impoverished brain: Learn four ways it is physically and behaviorally different.

  • Surprising insights into student behavior and solutions to the challenging behavior you see.

  • Seven golden maximizers that can make significant, positive changes.

  • Strategies for engagement, learning and achievement you can use to get proven, consistently positive results!

Almost 20% of America’s students live in poverty. Do you have specific strategies and a clear plan to help them succeed? If so, great. That’s the first step. But wait... is it (your plan) working? Here’s how to tell:

      • Are you creating daily success stories?
      • Do parents brag about your school to other parents?
      • Are all of your kids feeling safe in school?
      • How often is your school mentioned positively in the local papers?
      • Do kids run TO school instead of away from school?
      • What’s the conversation like in the staff lounge?
      • What’s the trend in your test scores?
teaching to vercome poor

If you are not excited about how your school is doing, it’s time for a change... You may want to know about the upcoming highly engaging, classroom-practical, research-based, 3-day “Teaching with Poverty in Mind” event. Held in San Antonio, Texas, this amazing workshop will give you...The SECRETS TO HIGH-PERFORMING SCHOOLS.


Reserve- Poverty Teaching Workshop

I’ll share what the best schools do and what the new breakthrough research tells us to do. These successful schools do things differently. Here’s a taste of what I found:

  • Relationships are important. But certain ones that you are ignoring actually turn out to be of critical “make or break” value.

  • Certain events literally add new brain cells at double the rate of every other strategy you can use. More brain cells are correlated with better learning and memory. Learn what the secret is and what you should do ASAP.

  • How much hope and optimism your kids feel at your school is more important for boosting achievement than their IQ. Learn how to build hope and optimism in 5 simple steps. Without it, all other strategies will fail.

  • High expectations do matter, but only if your school does this one critical thing. Without it, you’ll get disillusionment and staff burnout. Learn what the missing ingredient is and your test scores will skyrocket.

  • Out of all the strategies used by high-performing schools, one of them is the most fundamental. The best metaphor comes from something on your own desktop. Learn what it is and learn exactly what to do about it.

Discover why your students DON’T usually focus in class. Learn why you should NEVER, EVER, say, "PAY ATTENTION!" anymore. Find out how to get kids to focus, buy into the learning and persist over the long haul..

poverty teaching

In this amazing 3-Day workshop, you’ll also learn the little-known “catalytic sub-factors” that make the others work. Here’s a nutrition analogy: you know that you need to take your calcium (yawn) for bone strength. But you must also take magnesium at the same time to help absorb the calcium-at a 2-1 ratio! Now, here’s the “kicker”. It is Vitamin D (sunshine!) that helps metabolize the calcium!

What does this have to do with your school? Now, you too can learn how to turn your school into a “believe or not” success story with “tears of joy” test scores. Hundreds of schools nationwide are already doing it. The poverty and student achievement problem has been researched for more than 30 years. Pieces of the solution have shown up in the popular books and press. Clues came from sociology, classroom teachers and even neuroscience. Finally, I will share the secrets with your staff.

Now You Can Discover How To ZAP the Extraordinary, Hidden Cognitive and Behavioral Capacity in Each of Your High-Poverty Students

This next summer is coming up fast! Here’s your opportunity, highly engaging, classroom-practical, research-based, 3-day “Teaching with Poverty in Mind” event. It can boost attendance, exceed AYP, and turn your school into a high-performance, blue-ribbon winning success story using 100% research-based strategies.

Nothing is more relevant to you as an administrator than your brain or the brains of your students, parents, or staff. Scientific teaching, passionate teaching and brain-based education are here to stay and I can bring it to your staff like no other.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: This all-new course is for any educator, from pre- K through adult who works with students of poverty. Is your school ranked low in student achievement? Understanding why and how your students’ brains work (or fail to work) can give you the tools you need to trigger a positive learning revolution!

Join us for an engaging, fast-moving, results-oriented program that’s the only one of its kind. This is differentiation at its best. You can learn to differentiate your teaching and school environment in ways that successfully reach students of poverty. This powerful program gives you:

Key Features:

  1. Secrets to how the brains of students from poverty are vastly different.

  2. Seven golden maximizers that can make significant, positive changes in their brains (these are what the scientists call “true enrichment”, not the pseudo enrichment most educators have heard of).

  3. Strategies you can use to get proven, consistently positive, results!

    “You provided wonderful ideas for growth in two areas of improvement for our campus. Your information was encouraging, thought-provoking and inspiring. I’m excited to get back to my classroom.” Ms. White, Kerrville, TX

poor kids and learning

GET STARTED NOW helping these students with genuine hope backed by science, and a success-proven, step-by-step action plan!

Learn from one of the world leaders in brain-based learning how you can literally, change the brains of poverty to brains of success!

Curriculum and Course Outline:

  • How Experience Changes The Brain
  • Genes Or Environment-What Matters Most Now?
  • Poverty-The 5-Part Circle Of Despair
  • Which Factors Are Reversible, And Which Are Not?
  • Middle Class Values vs. Poor Values: the differences
  • What Are Differences In Emotional Development?
  • Key Differences In Health And Safety
  • The Single Greatest Problem (And Opportunity)!
  • Key Differences In Cognitive Development
  • The 5 Most Likely Brain Disorders Are...(Do You Know?)
  • How And Where You Can Make Positive Changes
  • Eric Jensen’s Unique 5-Part Success System
  • Instructional Secrets For Brains Of Poverty
  • Working With The Standards
  • Environmental Conditions That Matter Most
  • Nutrition That Works Wonders
  • Boosting Student Engagement---Best 25 Strategies
  • The Power Of Collaboration
  • The Secret Brain Solution No One Else Knows About
  • The Power Of “Operating Systems”
  • Putting It All Together
  • Taking The Plan To School


Reserve- Poverty Teaching Workshop


    “Great job. You taught in a way that I could understand and remember. I am so excited to pass this information on to the teachers and parents at my school so that we can all work together to bring about change.” Ms. Mayes, Murfreesboro, TN

The bad news is that poverty can make devastating, chronic changes in the human brain. The good news is that there are powerful solutions that hundreds of schools have successfully implemented that clearly demonstrate students from poverty can achieve. BUT, you need three things...

“Can I make a suggestion for improvement to Eric Jensen? Are you kidding? It was tremendous! It was amazing!” Ms. Latimer, Bedford, TX

My cutting edge staff development program provides tons of science-based hope that fuels enthusiasm and positive morale. Second, you need the facts. You’ll get the real science behind the changes in brains of those from poverty. Learn what forces shape their brain and literally change it on a daily basis. Finally, you’ll get brain-based strategies that not only change the brain, but also just may change you!

“Seize the opportunity! Well worth the experience!”
-J.W. Centreville, MD

single parent

DISCOVER how to skyrocket student performance by applying cutting-edge brain-based strategies to help your lowest performing students;

REDUCE classroom stress by cracking the code of how our brain changes and other learning challenges;

TRANSFORM frustration and drudgery to hope and positive accomplishment;

RETURN to work armed with powerful knowledge and practical skills for solving previously unsolvable problems and reaching previously unreachable learners.

“This was absolutely worth my time and money! You offered hope to students and opportunity to change brains and even raise IQ! Wow! This is powerful.” Ms. Longbotham, Cuero, TX

GET STARTED NOW helping these students with genuine hope backed by science, and a step-by-step action plan!

Poverty has been analyzed and studied for years. The results are in: poverty changes brains. But did you know how it does the damage?

Here are six of the many ways:

Nutritional deficits. A myriad of food deficiencies lead to chronic behavioral, emotional and cognitive problems.

Emotional Support. Unfortunately, these students need support the most and get it the least.

Stress/Distress. There are far more daily stressors for those in poverty and they have fewer resources to deal with them.

Health Issues. A constant challenge for the poor, staying healthy is but a dream for most. But health affects everything.

Cognitive Stimulation. These students get less frequent and lower levels of quality intellectual fueling.

Safety Issues. These students are chronically unsafe, leading to changes in their brain.

“The presenter (Eric Jensen) was very engaging! Hope to attend another! Really enjoyed this.” Ms. Betancourt, San Antonio, TX

brain based workshop

You will learn dozens of highly effective, innovative, real-world strategies for reaching these types of students. This workshop includes the all-new, 5- step program that proves you can reach every single learner.

Many students live in poverty, but I'll give you the brain- based connections and will teach you a wealth of practical strategies to simplify your job and help you focus on success.

“It was outstanding. The presenter (Eric Jensen) was incredible and inspirational.” Ms. McDaniel, Dallas, TX

  • Why students problems may be triggered by what they eat (or doesn’t eat) for breakfast.

  • Why your students may struggle with paying attention -- the impact of abuse and trauma on the brain.

  • The biology of hope--how optimism, hope, and a compelling future actually trigger positive chemical changes in the brain.

  • Gain 11 specific activities that can help the brain of poverty re-create itself for better learning, improved memory, and higher emotional intelligence.

  • Why positive social bonding is vital for most learners and the critical missteps to avoid.

  • Proven brain-based models for transforming staff helplessness into positive empowerment.

  • The shocking truth about ADHD and how to help hyperactive children succeed without drugs.

  • The uncanny neurological connection between nutrition, diet, exercise, lighting, and the most common causes of problems.

“Great job! I wish all my teachers could hear what I just heard. I think it would change my school. Super!” Ms. Schofield, LaVergne, TN

Now, when you learn all of these powerful insights from my multi-day Poverty workshop, what would you guess would happen? Results! Read what one participant just said...

    “I was impressed with the many strategies that I’ll take back to school. I thought it was phenomenal and will have a huge, immediate impact on my students and the staff I work with! Change nothing!” Mr. Fisher, Amherst, NY.

We hear those ALL the time. Yes, you too may be the next “raving fan.” Why? This program works. You’ll get far more than any other of the lightweight programs. This one has the research - but it’s also practical. For example, you’ll learn:

  • The biology of violence: how to reach students who are hooked on anger.

  • The shocking impact of stress on student learning and step-by-step methods for retraining the injured brain.

  • Why and how active engagement in the arts can subtly restructure the brain for improved cognition and reduced hostility.

  • Why most discipline programs will fail on these kids and what to do about it.

  • Little-known facts about brains of poverty - Learn how shifts in environment and communication can reduce problems by 20-30%.

  • How threat and trauma - real or implied - can change brain chemistry forever - unless you do this one thing.

  • Why some students learn less the harder they try.

  • Why and how many schools may actually damage student brains.

  • The impact of arrested brain development on learning and cognitive style.

  • How and why your school building may be causing learning problems and a simple 3-step solution that can reduce student declines within 30 days.

  • How simple eating habits impact a child’s growing brain.

    “Great modeling of solid, research-based teaching strategies. I was really engaged the entire time. One of the best and applicable staff developments I have ever attended.” Ms. Angelo, Orlando, FL


Armed with this knowledge, you'll discover how easy it can be to transform a D or F student into a solid B, student. Imagine the positive revolution in your school or district when ALL students begin to achieve because you understand how to get the best out of every brain!

If you've read this far, you KNOW it's for you. You and I know, if you want anything badly enough, you'll find a way. And besides, it's risk-free. You've got a satisfaction or money back guarantee. So, go for it, before it's filled & you have to wait another year.

If you want me to come out to your school, it may be a way to save money. The break-even for costs depends on whether your staff has the additional travel and lodging expense. I am not inexpensive, but I am very, very good. Contact my wife Diane to get dates, program details and costs. She is at

I hope to see you in San Antonio.

To Your Success,
Eric Jensen,
President, Jensen Learning

P.S. This 3-day workshop is especially powerful for you if your school’s not performing up to standards. You'll get the powerhouse tools you need the most to help create a school-wide turnaround. The reason your kids aren’t achieving is simple... It’s because their brains are different and you don’t know how to change them! Come to the workshop, bring your supervisor, principal, colleagues, even a policy-maker! But register soon, the word’s out already.


“This amazing and innovative 3-day event gives you the insider background knowledge, key skills and practical roadmap for academic success with kids from poverty. You’ll understand poverty in a revolutionary new way. Get secrets to intervene in positive, practical, research-based ways that can skyrocket achievement scores.”

P.P.S. Regarding the upcoming workshop, did I mention that more staff increases your chances of implementation? Simply register online for the group discount.


Teaching with Poverty in Mind:
June 16-18, 2014 San Antonio, TX
June 19-21, 2014 San Antonio, TX
June 26-28, 2014 Charlotte, NC
July 14-16, 2014 San Antonio, TX

Reserve- Poverty Teaching Workshop

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